Research - Digital Records

Here are the research sources.

Below is a list of digital research resources that the museum maintains. Those with an " # " are on this website.

When viewing PDF files use the 'Find' function to search for a word. Use the upper left 'back arrow' to return.

  • NAMELIST DATABASE # - A searchable list of names from all of our digital records. (On Line Research / Database tab)
  • PLACE NAMES DATABASE # - A searchable list of places in Rockingham County from several of our digital records. (On Line Research / Database tab)

  • EARLY NEWSPAPERS DATABASE # - Digital copies of about 24,000 historic Rockingham County newspapers with about 550,000 page images are in the HRHS Library. This database is a searchable list of these newspapers. (On Line Research / Database tab).

    For an overall list of the available papers click here. The HRHS library also has a free internet link to a large collection of online Rockingham newspapers for use by our patrons.

  • ROCKINGHAM CEMETERIES # - A searchable list of tombstone names from all known cemeteries in Rockingham County. (On Line Research / Other Records tab)

  • READ OUR ONLINE BOOKS # - HRHS is adding books to read on line. (Library / On Line Books tab)

  • HRHS NEWSLETTERS # - Issues from 2000 forward. Many historical articles (On Line Research / Other Records tab)

  • REVOLUTIONARY WAR SOLDIERS # - A list of Rockingham County soldiers in the Revolutionary War (On Line Research / Other Records tab)

  • CIVIL WAR SOLDIERS # - A list of more than 2,700 Rockingham County soldiers that served in the Civil War (On Line Research / Other Records tab)

    ORIGINAL COURTHOUSE RECORDS of Civil War Veterans, a list of Rockingham County Vets.

    View records Vets A to D

    View records Vets E to J

    View records Vets K to P

    View records Vets Q to Z

  • ARCHIVE RECORDS - HRHS # - List of records available at HRHS. (Archives / Documents tab)

  • ARCHIVE RECORDS - HRHS at JMU # - List of records on loan to JMU. (Archives / OtherCollections tab)

  • Works Project Administration Records # - An index of 257 articles. Descriptions of historical places researched in 1937. Printed copies of all articles are in the library. (Archives / OtherCollections tab)

  • THE ROCKINGHAM RECORDER # - Twelve issues containing historical information published by the Society with an index at the end of each volume. (On Line Research / Other Records tab)

  • PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION # - Historic images of over 5,000 photographs may be viewed online. (Archives / Photographs tab)

  • FAMILY BOOKS - A searchable list of names from the indexes in our collection of Family Histories. (An ongoing project).

  • BIBLE RECORDS - Copies of pages donated from family bibles.

  • FUNERAL HOMES - Funeral records from local morticians.

  • OBITUARIES - A searchable database of local deaths, the full obituary text is in filing cabinets.

  • MARRIAGES - A searchable database of records from Rockingham County Courthouse. Actual copies in library.

  • TAX RECORDS - Lists of early land records.

  • BURNED WILLS - Many of the wills that were partially burned during the Civil War. Indexed

  • CHURCHES - A searchable database of historical churches (An ongoing project).

  • MILLS - An index of old mills described in the four volumes of "Old Mills of Rockingham County".

  • OLD MICROFILM RECORDS - A number of microfilm records which includes items such as store ledgers, DAR, and Sons of Confederate Veteran applications.

  • COMMISSARY BOOK - A local ledger kept during the Civil War that lists stores issued to military units. No index.

  • PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX RECORDS - 1782 to 1813 in Rockingham County. No index.

  • 1902 VOTER LIST - A list of Rockingham County voters. Index in the back.


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