Who We Are

We are the History of this Community

We begin 4,000 Years Ago

When the native Indians first began visiting the Shenandoah Valley, they left behind artifacts of their settlements. Although there is evidence of human life in the Valley from 14,000 BC, the presence of groups of humans begins about 2,000 BC.

In 1716 the first official group of explorers came across the Blue Ridge Mountains. The group included then Governor Spotswood and about 50 men. They were later dubbed "Knights of the Golden Horshoe".

In the early 1700's the initial settlers migrated here and built log cabins and began farming and other trades. Small outposts and Forts were built for protection from the Indians.

The English colony in Williamsburg organized local governments.

After the Revolutionary War many ethnic peoples brought their customs, a variety of religions, and established the population that made the "Valley" a loved place to live.

The H.R.H.S. preserves the records and artifacts of these people for the benefit of those that seek knowledge of the Valley's history.

Exploring the Valley


Located at Swift Run Gap on the mountain east of Elkton, Va.