Folk Art Exhibit

An exhibit dedicated to local Folk Art.

A Display of Artifacts unique to Rockingham County.

"The Art of Tradition" is the permanent exhibition of Shenandoah Valley Folk Art at the Heritage Museum, offering an introduction to a variety of objects that all reflect traditional decorations and forms found in the region. The items in this exhibition are utilitarian, with the decorative qualities of folk art. This ornamentation may take the form of painted designs or simply an attractive shape and often reflects the ethnicity and religious background of the groups who originally settled the Valley--Germans and Scots-Irish. A wide range of material is represented, including pottery, quilts, furniture, frakturs, wrought iron, elaborate longrifles and hand-woven baskets.

Come and see what our ancestors developed.

Giddy-yap - Our mascot, the tin horseman.



From our Folk Art collection.