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Looking for a Rockingham County link to your family?

We may be able to help.

The researchers at the Historical Society's Genealogy Library will research the records of Rockingham County, Virginia, Court House as well as the holdings of the Society's Genealogy Library. Please note that you are paying for the researcher's time, not their results. Costs are as follows:

  • $25.00 per hour per surname ($20.00 Member).
  • Minimum 2 hours each surname.
  • Research at the Rockingham County Courthouse is an additional $10.00.
  • Other extraordinary travel or other unexpected research costs may incur extra fees; we will be happy to discuss your request beforehand.
  • Additional costs may include photocopies.

Steps to Follow in Conducting Your Genealogical Research

  1. Complete the Research Form below and mail it with your check. If you e-mail the form, please mail your check as your request will be held until payment is received. You may also call the Society with your credit card information.
    Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society
    Attention: Genealogy Research
    P.O. Box 716
    Dayton, VA 22821 
    (540) 879-2616

  2. Indicate how extensively you would like the records to be searched. Be very specific when you state the information you are seeking.

  3. The researchers will conduct the search and mail their findings to you. A statement will be forwarded with the information. If the authorized time is not needed, your money will be refunded.

Your Name:
E-mail Address:
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Name(s) to be researched - $25.00/hour ($20.00 Member) for each surname; minimum of 2 hours per surname:

Where did the person(s) live? (Location and time period):

Birth -- Marriage -- Death: (Include date, place, and source of your information if available):

Specific topic(s) you would like to have researched:

List the sources you have already checked:

Number of hours of research that you authorize: $25.00/hour ($20.00 Member) for each surname; minimum of 2 hours per surname:

Enter method of payment such as "Check is in the mail" or "Will telephone with Credit Card info":



Stonewall Jackson in the Lexington, Va. cemetery.


There is folklore that General Jackson would chew on a lemon during a battle.

When you visit the cemetery the memorial plot is littered with lemons from visitors as a tribute.