The Electric Map

Experience Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign

A 30 Minute Presentation of the War that Raged Up and Down the Shenandoah Valley.


First Designed in 1962 - See it now, after a $70,000 Digital Upgrade.

Sit in the comfort of the Auditorium and see and hear the tactics of the Valley Campaign. Then see the main exhibit "The Invicible Spirit", enjoy the Folkart Gallery and the Featured Exhibit.

The Famous Battles with Stonewall's "Foot Cavalry"


Originally designed for the 100 year rememberance of the Civil War, This 20 X 13 Ft. display of the campaign of 1862 has been revised with new electronics and computer controlled visual and audio formats. When one sees this program, it explains how General Jackson delayed the Union forces in their march on Richmond.

This presentation will acquaint one with the roads, battlefields, towns and mountains that were instrumental in the critical battles of the Shenandoah Valley campaign.

Listen to a two minute portion of the audio from the beginning of the presentation. Read the story of how the map was constructed. Click the following links.

  • Listen to History
  • How the Map was Built

    (Photos by Allen Litten)