The HRHS Archives "Finding Aids" that are available for research.

Archived Items

Documents and other collections are described in these finding aids.


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HRHS-1 F. Flavia Converse Collection — Professional Papers. c. 1917-c. 1964 (Boxes 1-10)


This collection consists of correspondence, notes, and other material relating to Converse’s professional genealogical research. They contain the correspondence of individuals seeking information regarding their ancestors, and Converse’s reports to them regarding her findings. The finding aid for this collection consists of the general finding aid, which will explain the collection’s unique arrangement, and a detailed surname inventory of the subseries “Patron Files.”


HRHS-2 Ruby Layman Collection. c. 1940s

This is a scrapbook assembled during World War II, including photocopies of loose clippings. Many of the articles concern local citizens during the war, and are indexed in the finding aid.


HRHS-3 Simms-Wilson Collection. c. 1877-c. 1929

The collection consists of a roll book [containing class rosters, essays, and class lessons and/or notes and also was used as a scrapbook of poetry and prose newspaper clippings], two photographs, photocopies, a letter, and other papers of Lucy Simms and U.G. Wilson. Simms and Wilson were prominent African-American educators in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County.


HRHS-4 J. O. Stickley Collection. 1910-1978

The collection consists of materials pertaining to a major agricultural implement business in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. Includes sales books from 1912 to 1960, photographs, clippings, reports, and other miscellaneous items documenting the Stickley family’s business and their involvement in local financial institutions.


HRHS-5 John J. Forrer Papers. 1916-1971

The collection consists of biographical material, correspondence, reports, an unpublished illustrated manuscript, newspaper clippings and photographs pertaining to his career a highly regarded pioneer in the asphalt paving industry.

HRHS-5.1 Forrer Family Collection, 1872-1972 (Incorporated in HRHS-5 Finding Aid)

The collection consists of genealogical papers, notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, postcards and photographs relating to the family of Henry and Maria Showalter Forrer and their descendants, which include the Eversole and other allied families.


HRHS-6 FEMA Bridgewater Historic Homes Collection. c. 2001

For three homes scheduled to be demolished in Bridgewater c.2001, URS Corporation prepared “architectural recordation packages” documenting the structures and adjacent areas. Structures include the Christian Lantz House, Clark Rosenburger House, and the Mildred Byrd House.


HRHS-7 Coffman Family Papers. 1918-1961

The collection consists of military papers, genealogical notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other material relating to the Coffman [Kauffman], Stover, Conrad, and allied families. Correspondence and genealogical notes pertain to the Coffman [Kauffman], Stover, and Conrad families.


HRHS-8 Stiegel Family Papers. 1770-1917

The Stiegel Family Collection was “discovered” in 2001 by the owners of J.C. Stiegel’s Franklin Street home in Harrisonburg. It contains indentures and deeds, correspondence, receipts, and ephemera. Indentures and deeds for transfers of specific properties comprise half the collection.


HRHS-9 Samuel Simmons Family Bible Record. 1848-1965

The Simmons family Bible record contains marriage, birth, and death information regarding Samuel Simmons and his descendants, including the Baker and McCorkle families.


HRHS-10 Harman School of Music Collection. 1931 - 1978

Papers from the Harman School of Music, consisting of financial records, music programs, several photos, correspondence, and other misc. materials.


HRHS-11 Angelene C. Newman Collection. 1943

The Certificate of Farm War Service was sent to Lawrence A. Newman during WWII.


HRHS-12 Stirewalt Collection. 1880. 1930-1940

Miscellaneous letters, booklets, and calendars. Love letters written to Jacob L. Stirewalt by Annie (?), Riverside, Port Republic, in the 1880s. These letters cover a period of 6-8 years, and provide information regarding the area at that time, namely, the optimistic 1880’s and young people in rural Rockingham Co. So too, does one feel Annie's unrequited love and unfulfilled hope for her future.


HRHS-13 Keezell Family Collection. 1908 - 1979

The Keezell family was very prominent in Rockingham County. The town of Keezletown was named for George Keezle.


HRHS-14 Rockingham County Baseball Collection. 1924-2004

An ongoing collection consisting of materials relating to baseball in Rockingham County. At present the collection consists of three items: a program entitled “Celebrating 50 Years of Baseball 1954-2004 at Buck Bowman Park;” a program celebrating the Rockingham County Baseball League’s Golden Anniversary, 1924-1974, and a program celebrating the Rockingham County Baseball League’s Diamond Anniversary, 1924-1984.


HRHS-15 Dayton High School Scrapbook, Class of 1929. 1929

Scrapbook of Dayton High School Class of 1929. Scrapbook belonged to Naomi Heatwole Campbell..


HRHS-16 Harrisonburg Loan and Thrift Corporation Advertising Cards. 1951

Four advertising cards from Harrisonburg Loan and Thrift. Two advertising cards from American Insurance Co. (Dovel & Dovel Inc.), and one C. G. Price Insurance Co. calendar dated August, 1951.


HRHS-17 Shenandoah College Collection. 1903-1992

This collection contains programs, bulletins, photographs, etc. from Shenandoah College in Dayton, VA.


HRHS-18 Rockingham Development Corporation Minutes. 1955

The Rockingham Development Corporation was influential in bringing many businesses to the Harrisonburg/Rockingham area including Walker Manufacturing, Dunham-Bush, Packaging Corporation, and RK Carroll. 13 (thirteen) photocopied pages of the early minutes of the Rockingham Development Corporation in 1955.


HRHS-19 Abraham Funkhouser Property Collection approx. 1945-1999

This collection is a history of the Abraham Funkhouser property from October 21, 1800 to February 1903 which was compiled by Robert Alley in 1999.


HRHS-20 Rockingham County Voting Ledger. 1860

Hard cover book listing 19 (nineteen) voting districts in Rockingham County, Virginia in 1860. Each voting district is then shown with lists of residents within that particular voting district.


HRHS-21 Annie Margaret Shirey Autograph Book. 1890

Annie Margaret Shirey was from Goods Mill, Virginia.


HRHS-22 Dayton High School/Elementary School Collection. 1947 - 1992

This collection contains items from Dayton High School and Dayton Elementary School.


HRHS-23 Watson and Brothers Account Books. 1865 - 1871

Three account books from the store of Watson and Brothers which was located in Port Republic, VA.


HRHS-24 Leon and Judy Liskey Collection. 1880 - 1919

Consists of two separate donations by same donor. Letters were addressed to Miss Dorcas Aubrey (b.1862/d.1946) in Fulk’s Run and Dovesville, unless otherwise noted.


HRHS-25 Edom Post Office and General Store Ledger. 1819-1834

The ledger is from the Edom Post Office and General Store and Mill, from Jesse Rolston, Sr. The earliest entry is from 1819.


HRHS-26 W.E. Long Collection, 1881. 1902 - 1925

Invoices from various businesses, mostly local, for items sold to W. E. Long and Sons store in Mt. Clinton, VA.


HRHS-27 Firebaugh Family Collection. 1750 – 1970’s

Mr. Marshall A. Firebaugh was Harrisonburg City Treasurer for many years. Contains genealogical information, family letters, clippings, etc. about the Firebaugh family


HRHS-28 Joshua Wilton Papers. 1883 - 1894

In 1868 Joshua Wilton opened the Wilton Hardware Company on Court Square in Harrisonburg which he operated with his sons for many years.


HRHS-29 John F. Lewis Collection. 1875 - 1959

Very few personal papers of John F. Lewis are known to exist, which makes the collection valuable for researchers. This is a collection of letters to and from some of the descendants of John Lewis through the Thomas Lewis line.


HRHS-30 Myers Store Ledger Collection. 1833 - 1841, 1905 - 1908

Meyers Store was located at Edom in Linville, Rockingham County in the mid 1800’s. Mary Sue McDonald’s father’s uncle owned Myers Store as well as a store in Timberville.


HRHS-31 Ida Miller Autograph Book Collection. 1888 - 1893

This collection contains an autograph book that belonged to Ida B. Miller.


HRHS-32 Katherine McQuade Collection. 1888

1888 Harrisonburg Graded School Exercise Invitation; 3 page benefactors – Lutheran Church; Opinion-Commentary from The Sun titled “The Second Rescue of Mrs. Davis, dated December 22, 1990.


HRHS-33 Geil-Kieffer Family Photos, 1844 - 1954

Anna Amelia Keiffer Shank, 5th child of John and Mary Kieffer, born 12/5/1844 in Saline County, Missouri. Annie’s husband, Gabriel, died in Ft. Delaware Prison, before the Civil War ended. She later married Benjamin Franklin Kirkpatrick. She died 3/17/1932 and is buried in Dayton, Va.


HRHS-34 Booker Family Coat-of-Arms. Not dated

Consists of hand painted coat-of-arms (not dated) and a handwritten transcript of the Booker family lineage (not dated) from McKenzie’s “Colonial Families of the U. S., Vol. II, page 1424.


HRHS-35 Harrisonburg-Rockingham County Advertising Ephemera. ongoing

This collection contains items used by local businesses to advertise their services.


HRHS-36 Julius Ritchie Collection. Dates: multiple

Julius Ritchie served as Chief of Police in Harrisonburg for a number of years. This is a collection of letters, postcards and envelopes.


HRHS-37 Manuel [Ham] Trenary Collection, 1930, 1934-1935

Collection consists of personal effects used by Trenary in Staunton, VA, Police School, including two notebooks, a manual on American Jiu-Jitsu, and a police school examination.


HRHS-38 Civil War Currency Collection. 1861-1864

This collection contains miscellaneous Civil War currency and Civil War currency reproductions.


HRHS-39 Morrison Stirewalt Collection. 1850s-1890s

John Clinedinst Morrison was of Harrisonburg, VA and Henrietta Helena Stirewalt of New Market. John was a carriage and wagon builder and owned and operated a factory in Harrisonburg.


HRHS-40 Wilson Homan Collection. 1892, 1894, 1916, 1926-1928, 1945

Personal belongings of George W. Homan to include vintage cookbooks from 1892 and 1928; booklet dated 1892 with home remedies; a funeral card for Mr. Homan’s aunt dated September 2, 1916; a letter Mr. Homan received from President Franklin D. Roosevelt when he served in the army in WWII; five copies of the periodical named TAJ from Harrisonburg High School in 1926, 1927, and 1928.


HRHS-41 Sallie Kline Collection. 1904

Personal booklets belonging to Sally Kline who resided in Broadway, VA.


HRHS-42 Billy and Marianne Garber Collection. 1872 - 1875

Calligraphy cards each bearing a name and birthdate of family members of the Maloneys and Windles. One card is a marriage card with wedding date and reverend’s name. Each card is done in decorative calligraphy and further enhanced with floral decoration also done in pen and ink.


HRHS-43 Broadside Collection. 1857, 1889, 1898, 1910

Various broadsides from the 1800’s and early 1900’s.


HRHS-44 Oarbaugh Family Bible Record. 1836 – 1854, 1873, 1944

Photocopy of bible genealogical record of the Oarbaugh family found in original bible.


HRHS-45 Jean F. Wine Collection . 1886 - 1940

Variety of family documents and miscellaneous publications pertaining directly to John Eugene Wine, M.D. and his family.


HRHS-46 Troy Peale Collection. 1833 – 2001

Miscellaneous collection of Peale family items.


HRHS-47 Moore Family Letters. Multiple dates

Correspondence addressed to Minnie E. Moore to settle the estate of her late husband J. Samuel Moore who died September 5, 1911.


HRHS-48 John Howard Gibbons Collection. 1993-1994

John H. (Jack) Gibbons was an Assistant to President Clinton for Science and Technology and Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Collection of photocopied articles relating to the life and career of Jack (John Howard) Gibbons, a Harrisonburg native.


HRHS-49 League of Women Voters Collection. 1967

This collection consists of questionnaires and biographical information for 1967 political candidates in Harrisonburg/Rockingham County for the offices of State Senator, House of Delegates, and Board of Supervisors.


HRHS-50 Timber Ridge Methodist Church Collection. 1899, 1943

Worship bulletin and Sunday School souvenir card for Timber Ridge Methodist Church.


HRHS-51 Moyers-Funk-Mayhue Family Bible Record. 1815 - 1886

Two original pages from a family bible recording the family of David Moyers (sometimes listed as Myers), Maria Funk, and Henry Mayhue.


HRHS-52 Harrisonburg-Rockingham County National Guard Collection. 1930’s – 1950’s

Artificial collection of items relating to National Guard units in Harrisonburg-Rockingham County.


HRHS-53 C.W. Burruss Business Records Collection. 1908 - 1939

Business records, checks, and invoices belonging to the C. W. Burruss Co. of Edom, Virginia.


HRHS-54 Stoneleigh Inn Collection. c. 1950’s

Document and post cards telling the history of Stoneleigh Inn in Harrisonburg, VA.


HRHS-55 Rockingham County Schools.

An ongoing collection containing documents, reports, and pamphlets relating to schools in Rockingham County. A folder-level list for the collection is provided in the Archives Finding Aids binder located in the genealogy research library.


HRHS-56 Peachy R. Harrison Letters. 1848 - 1851

Letters written between 1848-1851, from Peachy R. Harrison to his wife, Frances Rhodes Harrison.


HRHS-57 Walter Eye Collection. 1765 – 1996

Genealogical research papers of Walter Eye of Rockingham Co., which includes photographs and published materials. This collection would be of interest to genealogists and historians looking at Pendleton County (Virginia and West Virginia) and Rockingham Co., Virginia history and families. The manuscripts listed in the collection are the original typed manuscripts of Mr. Eye.


HRHS-58 John E. and Oliver B. Roller Collection. 1884, 1887

An ongoing collection of materials relating to brothers John Edwin Roller and Oliver Brown Roller, both whom practiced law in Harrisonburg. At present, the collection consists of a postcard and transcription of postcard to John E. Roller, 10 June 1884, from I. M. B; and a postcard to Oliver B. Roller, 9 September 1887, from P. P. Shiflett. Both postcards concern legal cases.


HRHS-59 Ed’s Park Film Collection. 1941

Original 16 mm tape and VHS video duplicate of Ed's Park, Rawley Springs, VA., filmed by Leroy Loewner. This would be of interest to researchers investigating this time period and Rawley Spring's role in entertainment.


HRHS-60 P. Bradley & Sons Collection. 1867 - 1955

This collection contains copies of photographs of the early days of P. Bradley & Sons iron foundry.


HRHS-61 Brocks Gap Abstract of Collections. 1871

This collection is an abstract of collections, or taxes, in Brocks Gap Township in 1871.


HRHS-62 Maria Morrison Watercolor Dress Designs and Fashion Plate Collection. 1899, 1902-1922

Collection of watercolor dress designs and collection of fashion plates owned and used by Maria Morrison from the early 20th century.


HRHS-63 Emma Lyon Bryan Collection. 1861

Letter, 2 pages, from Emma Lyon Bryan on September 21, 1861 to her husband, Pendleton Bryan.


HRHS-64 Ralph Sampson Trading Card Collection.

Collection consists of four trading cards relating to the basketball career of Harrisonburg native Ralph Sampson. Three of the cards pertain to Sampson’s professional NBA career with the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets, and Sacramento Kings. Another card contains a schedule for the University of Virginia’s basketball team during the 1982-1983 season.


HRHS-65 William G. Myers Collection. 1916

Work book used by William G. Myers, Harrisonburg City Engineer.


HRHS-66 Harrisonburg-Rockingham County Political Ephemera. 1991

Artificially created collection of miscellaneous materials relating to political campaigns in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County.


HRHS-67 Miscellaneous Publications.

An ongoing collection consisting of various brochures, pamphlets, booklets, magazines and other publications containing information relating mainly to Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. An item-level list for the collection is provided in the Archives Finding Aids binder located in the genealogy research library.


HRHS-68 Rockingham Turkey Festival Collection. 1939

Copies of newspaper clippings, images, brochure and a souvenir program for the world’s first Turkey Festival, invitation to reception for the Queen of the Rockingham Turkey Festival held September 1939 in Harrisonburg.


HRHS-69 Lester Baugher Collection, 1919

: Letter and card from Lester Baugher while stationed in France during WWI. Included is a photograph postcard of Lester Baugher describing his clothes as a work uniform and heavy hobnail shoes.


HRHS-70 Charles T. O’Ferrall Collection. 1886-1889

This is an artificially created collection of promissory notes made out to Charles T. O’Ferrall and found in various locations in the HRHS archives. For other items related to O’Ferrall, see SC # 2015, Charles Triplett O’Ferrall Collection, housed at JMU’s Carrier Library.


HRHS-71 Peter H. Myers Collection. 1892, 1893, 1901, 1903, 1905, 1907, 1912

This is an artificially created collection of receipts and promissory notes for Peter H. Myers.


HRHS-72 William L. Yancey Collection. 1885; 1893-1895

This is an artificially created collection of receipts for merchandise purchased by William L. Yancey at various Harrisonburg businesses (including a tobaccos jobber, grocer, rugs and shoes merchant); letter book containing 5 (five) letters written in 1885.


HRHS-73 Association of Army Nurses of the Civil War Questionnaires. 1910

Consists of questionnaires, letters, and clippings concerning Civil War nurses that were submitted to Col. Frank M. Sterrett for use in the encampment publication of the Association of Army Nurses of the Civil War.


HRHS-74 American Hardwood Manufacturing Co. [Grottoes, VA] Ledger. August 1894 - October 1914

Ledger of American Hardwood Manufacturing Co., in Grottoes, VA.


HRHS-75 Early Family Bible Record. 1820-1877

Record of marriage of Joseph Early and Easther Norman and record of the birth of their children.


HRHS-76 Pleasant Hill Extension Homemaker's Club Records. 1976-1994

Consists of minutes, attendance records, rosters, photos, certificates and clippings. Folders 4 and 5 contain photographs and photocopies of scrapbook pages.


HRHS-77 Trading Stamps Collection. c. 1960’s

This collection contains stamp books from S&H Green Stamps and Top Value Stamps, with stamps included.


HRHS-78 Martz Family Bible Record. 1772-1931

Consists of photocopies of pages from a Martz family bible containing genealogical data on the Martz and allied families, acquired from the estate of Ruby Martz, Mauzy, VA. Photos: 4 (four) unidentified tin types, and two unidentified cartes de visites.


HRHS-79 McClure Press Collection. 1936-1982 [1936-1938, 1943-1944, 1971-1982]

Collection consists of correspondence, financial papers and other miscellaneous papers documenting the activities of the McClure Press in Verona, Va. Significant items include correspondence between John W. Wayland and the company concerning two of his books.


HRHS-80 George O. Conrad Collection. 1783, 1829, 1865, 1917 - 1995

This collection consists of photos, correspondence, booklets, personal notes/notebook dated between 1930s-1995. Also included is a land grant dated December 13, 1783, and a typed copy of George O. Conrad’s Civil War diary with entries dated between August 16, 1864-January 21, 1865. Conrad joined the 14th Regiment of Calvary under McCauslands command.


HRHS-81 Joseph Good Family Collection. 1800 - 1900

Genealogical research papers relating to Goods Mill families, the Joseph Good family, and other related families in Harrisonburg as well as Page county; various funeral booklets for Rockingham County citizens.


HRHS-82 Harrisonburg Guards Minute Book. 1877-1883

The Harrisonburg Guards were a volunteer militia company organized by Mr. J.K. Smith who worked at the Old Commonwealth.


HRHS-83 John H. Geil Papers. 1848 - 1912

This collection consists of three deeds that were passed down through the Geil family. Also included are various receipts in the name of John Geil.


HRHS-84 City of Harrisonburg Property Surveys. 1862 - 1919

Handwritten property assessments and surveys prepared by the City of Harrisonburg from approximately 1862 to 1919.


HRHS-85 Surname Files. pre 1945

This is an artificially created collection from pre 1945 documents removed from surname files in the HRHS genealogical library. Photocopies of many of these documents are in the surname files in the library.


HRHS-86 Rockingham County Place Name Survey. 1982

The Rockingham County Place Name Survey was compiled by Nick Whitmer, who was a librarian at the Rockingham Public Library. The collection consists of file cards in alphabetical order showing places in Rockingham County. There is a description of the place named and codes tying these locations to a topographical map.


HRHS-87 Bridgewater Voter Registration Books Collection. 1910 - 1951

Two voter registration books from the Ashby District, Bridgewater Corporation Precinct, Rockingham County. One registration book is for white men and the other is for white women between 1910-1951.


HRHS-88 J. Houston Harrison Papers. 1923 - 1935

Four boxes of research and other work pertaining to J. Houston Harrison, author of Settled by the Long Grey Trail (Harrison History).


HRHS-89 WPA Rockingham County Property Write-Ups Collections. 1930’s

WPA workers were used to complete “write-ups” of properties located in Rockingham County. This is an artificially created collection from files removed from the Genealogical Research Library.


HRHS-90 Litton-Simmons Family Records. 1945, 1947, 1997, 2003

Records of Simmons Cemetery located in Rockingham County, 1 mile east of Rawley Springs on U.S. 33.


HRHS-91 HRHS Newspaper Collection. 1830 - 2002

This is an ongoing collection of newspapers published in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. There are also various other papers from the state of Virginia and from other areas.


HRHS-91a HRHS Newspaper Collection – Detailed List.

See HRHS-91.


HRHS-92 Mt. Clinton Extension Homemakers Club and FCE Club Collection. 1960-2004

This collection includes scrapbooks dated from 1970-2001, each involving the work of the club’s year activities.


HRHS-93 Harrisonburg Business and Professional Women’s Club Collection. 1939-1991

This collection contains information in the form of scrapbooks and minute books chronicling the history of the Harrisonburg Business and Professional Women’s Club dating from 1939-1991.


HRHS-94 Keezletown High School Yearbooks Collection. 1938, 1939

This collection contains two Keezletown High School yearbooks, “The Indian Trail”, dated 1938 and 1939.


HRHS-95 John A. Sites Family Bible Record. 1918

This collection consists of photocopies of family bible record pages, a newspaper clipping, and locks of red hair from the Bible with accompanying note indicating hair is from the family of John A. and Virginia Sites.


HRHS-96 Denton-Dinkle Family Papers. 1886 - 1918

This collection contains miscellaneous items, including March 12, 1883 issue of the Old Commonwealth, which was placed in HRHS-91.


HRHS-97 First Presbyterian Church/B. F. Wilson Collection. 1904 - 1981

This collection contains miscellaneous letters and documents relating to Reverend Benjamin F. Wilson and the First Presbyterian Church of Harrisonburg.


HRHS-98 Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia. 1897-1900

This collection contains 4 booklets of argument dockets for the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia in Staunton dated between 1897 and 1900.


HRHS-99 Samuel Angus Firebaugh Diary Collection. 1862-1864

This collection contains a typed copy in hard bound cover of the war diary of Samuel Angus Firebaugh, dating 1862-1864.


HRHS-100 Kiser/Keyser Family Records. 1769-1980

This collection consists of genealogy papers of the Kiser/Keyser family, including deeds, information about Kisers from Kentucky, New York, and Missouri; as well as a 1769 last will and testament of John Kiser of Frederick Co., VA.


HRHS-101 Walter M. Zirkle Collection. 1891 - 1938

Collection contains documents and correspondence relating the Zirkle family.


HRHS-102 Kagey Family Papers. 1801, 1833, 1839, 1860 - 1877

This collection contains items pertaining to the Kagey family including land surveys, confederate bonds, stock receipts for the Valley Turnpike Co., receipts for supplies to CSA, photo of the Dayton High School Class of 1925- including a photo of Evelyn Trumbo.


HRHS-103 Wenger Family Letters Collection. 1892-1928

This collection consists of 71 items, including several essays, school tests, poems, a valentine, a wedding invitation and 52 letters written to and from the Wenger family in Rockingham County. Letters are addressed to Sally, Cassie, Lizzie (Elizabeth), Rachel, and Cousin Maggie.


HRHS-104 Knights of Pythias Stonewall Lodge No. 31. 1884-1895

This collection consists of the records/minutes of the Stonewall Lodge, No. 31, Knights of Pythias, dating 1884-1895. 1 book.


HRHS-105 HRHS Map Collection. Various dates

Maps of the City of Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, WWII and Civil War battleground maps.


HRHS-106 Vintage Label Collection. c. 1930’s to 1940’s

This collection contains original vintage can labels from factories located in Virginia.


HRHS-107 Varner Family Papers. 1802 - 1869

This collection contains letters and documents pertaining to the Varner/Verner family, namely Barbara, Ellen, John and Emanuel, and spanning the years 1802-1869. The following names are associated in the letters: Kibler, Landstreet, Huffman, Beydler, Carter, Kagey, Gains, Forrer, Almond, Wine, Amizz, Abott, Speezel. This collection also contains several items placed in other HRHS collections, including a Rockingham Register, November 29, 1861 into HRHS-91; Atlas Almanac, 1831 into HRHS-67; Broadside Horse Show, no date, into HRHS-43.


HRHS-108 Lawrence Loewner Collection. 1944 - 1979

Mr. Loewner was a former Councilman and Mayor of the City of Harrisonburg. He owned an insurance business and was frequently called upon to speak on various municipal topics.A collection of speeches prepared by Mr. Loewner. Also, scrapbooks of Harrisonburg from 1944 to 1979 with WWII correspondence and newspaper clippings.


HRHS-109 Trumbo Family Genealogical Charts. 1400’s – 1800’s

The charts were prepared by Everett and Mary Trumbo of Rockville, MD. The Trumbo family originated in England and eventually settled in Rockingham County in the 1700’s.


HRHS-110 Confederate Commissary Ledger. 1862-1865

This collections contains a Civil War Commissary ledger, or provision book, kept at Harrisonburg and Winchester, VA, by Major A.H. Johnson, covering his official transactions, September 1862-February 1865, as a Commissary of Subsistence, Confederate States Army, including provisions received and issued, rations issued, provisions transferred in bulk, quarterly reports, consolidated abstracts or provisions sold to officers, bills paid and personal property sold by Army order. The ledger records Confederate buying and selling in Harrisonburg from October 1862 to February 1865, near the end of the Civil War.


HRHS-111 Abe and Edith Garber Collection. Unknown dates

Edith C. Garber, (1903-1993) of Mount Clinton was the daughter of Solomon Garber and Elizabeth Virginia Senger Cline. She attended the State Teachers College and studied voice at Bridgewater College. Mrs. Garber was a painter and violinist. She was a member of the Muhlenberg Lutheran Church. She married Abram Lynwood Garber in 1924 and is buried at Raders Lutheran Church Cemetery in Timberville, VA.


HRHS-112 Dorothy Thomas Collection. 1906 - 1993

This collection contains articles belonging to Dorothy Thomas including Thomas family history, genealogy, correspondence, marriages, obituaries and photographs, It includes materials related Shenandoah College, Dayton United Methodist Church and some programs from other churches. There are two folders containing letters, writings, and some drawings of Elizabeth Payne. There is memorabilia related to Homer F. Thomas. There are many newspaper clippings from DNR of “Yesteryear” articles/images of the Shenandoah Valley and Virginia history; including Augusta County and West Virginia.


HRHS-113 Roadcap/Rothgeb Family Collection. 1800’s

The Roadcap/Rothgeb family has a long history in Rockingham County. James Roadcap was born around 1800 and was a stonemason. He had a farm three miles north of Harrisonburg on Dry Fork – Linville Creek.


HRHS-114 ‘What V-E Day Means to Me’ Essay Collection. May 10, 1945

Dorothy V. Hawkins attended Madison College and was student teaching in 7th grade at Harrisonburg High School in 1945. There had been much excitement over the announcement of the end of the war in Europe. Many of the student’s fathers were in the service and everybody had something to say. The students wrote essays on “What V-E Day Means to Me”.


HRHS-115 This is a complete collection of The Rockingham Recorders. 1945 - 1988

HRHS published The Rockingham Recorder to make available information that may be sought after by libraries, schools and colleges, historical societies, and individuals doing research work in history, biography, or genealogy.


HRHS-116 Purcell Park Collection. 1951 - 2014

This collection contains information concerning the formation of Purcell Park in Harrisonburg, VA..


HRHS-117 J. F. W. [John W. F.] Allemong Collection. July 5, 1865

Collection consists of one pardon issued to “J. F. W.” [actual name was John W. F.] Allemong by President Andrew Johnson and signed by President Johnson and William H. Seward, 5 July 1865.


HRHS-118 My Grandpap Rode With Jeb Stuart Book Collection. 1974, 1985, 1990, 2001

James Knox Polk Ritchie served in Company H, Twelfth Virginia Cavalry, Laurel Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. This collection contains the printer’s copy of a book titled My Grandpap Rode With Jeb Stuart, by Millard J. Miller


HRHS-119 Acker Diaries. January 1, 1880 – December 31, 1959

This collection contains the personal diaries of David C. Acker, spanning 1901 to 1959. See also special collections at JMU for additioal diaries.


HRHS-120 Wally Byam Caravan Club International, Shenandoah Unit, Records. 1983-1995

This collection contains photographs, scrapbooks, newsletters, meeting minutes, and a VHS tape of the activities related to the Shenandoah Unit of the Wally Byam Caravan Club.


HRHS-121 Troy Steam Laundry Records. 1948-1949

Troy Steam Laundry opened for business prior to 1900 and was located in Harrisonburg at 188 N. Liberty St., at the corner of W. Wolfe and N. Liberty Streets. The laundry operation was closed in 1970, when it became a dry cleaning operation only. The business closed in the early 1990’s.


HRHS-122 Russell Armentrout Papers. 1700’s to 1900’s

Three Armentrout brothers, sons of Phillip Armentrout, II came as emigrants to America in 1739 and they were naturalized in Philadelphia, PA. The oldest, who was 22 years old, settled at Reading, PA. John and Henry joined emigrants from New York and PA and came to Virginia and stopped at Bridgewater, VA. Henry was 18 years old and married a German woman by the name of Rush and settled on Collier’s Creek, near Collierstown, VA.


HRHS-123 Virginia Lindamood Collection. 1857 – 1864, 1950 - 1969

Mrs. Lindamood started working at WSVA in 1950 and was the Women’s Program Director. She had a program at 9:30 a.m. called “Listen Ladies”, and one at 1:45 p.m. called “At Home with Lindy”. Also contains historical documents from the 1800’s.


HRHS-124 J. J. Bowman Diary Collection. 1874 - 1878

This collection contains two diaries of J. J. Bowman dated April 1, 1874 to October 25, 1878.


HRHS-125 Felix Gilbert Day Book Collection. 1768 - 1770

Felix Gilbert was a prominent merchant and land speculator in eighteenth century Virginia. Along with a store in Staunton, Gilbert and his wife Ann ran a store in that part of Augusta County that later (1778) became a part of Rockingham County. It was located at the intersection of Swift Run Gap Road and Jennings Gap Road. A “day book” is essentially a daily account book kept by a merchant.


HRHS-126 John B. Sheets Civil War Diary. 1862-1863

This diary was written while he served in the Army of Northern Virginia during the Civil War. John Sheets was a Mt. Crawford native and enlisted June 22, 1861 in Harrisonburg as a private in Co. I, 33rd Virginia Infantry Regiment. He served continuously until wounded in the arm at the Second Battle of Manassas on August 28, 1862. He was killed in action near High Bridge, VA on April 7, 1865.


HRHS-127 Peter Bernhart Fraktur Collection. 1810

In the 18th and 19th century, frakturs were common ways to commemorate important family occasions, like housewarmings, births and weddings. The most prolific local fraktur artist among the German-Swiss community was schoolmaster Peter Bernhart. Collection includes three Peter Bernhart frakturs, one for Samuel Shenck dated 1810, one unissued, and one for Lewis Long dated 1808.


HRHS-128 Harold Lee Post Office Collection. Scrapbook, 1936-1990

The collection consists of Post Office Department (USPS) publications and a scrapbook relating to Virginia and Rockingham County postal activities from 1925 through 1990. Scrapbook contains postage stamps, DNR newspaper clippings and photographs of: Old U.S. post office and court house, and more.


HRHS-129 Gideon Sheiry Collection. 1869 - 1950

Gideon Sheiry joined Jackson’s Army during the Civil War and was in both battles of Bull Run. Newspapermen were needed so he obtained an honorable discharge from the Army and went to work for the Rockingham Register in Harrisonburg as a printer.


HRHS-130 John L. Hopkins Collection. 1863-1864

This collection contains 22 letters written during the Civil War period and currency found at “Cave Hill”, a c.1830 home located in McGaheysville, VA. This is the home of the Hopkins family and all letters have a direct connection. Letters were found hidden in a wall cavity, possibly for close to 150 years and provide a record of life in the Middleburg, Loudoun County, and the Shenandoah Valley area of the Civil War.


HRHS-131 Rockingham County Selective Service Board Records. 1940-1950

This collection contains records of the Rockingham County Selective Service Board during World War II, 1940s-1950s, specifically the activities of the “Draft Board”. Included is a Governor’s certificate appointing J. O. Beard to the Selective Service Board on October 10, 1940, correspondences, local board member directory and booklets.


HRHS-132 Floyd Wilmer Coffman Collection. 1918, 1930s, 1940s

A collection of correspondence, documents and photographs belonging to Floyd Wilmer Coffman. He wrote three books: Rockingham County in the World War (1931), The Conrad Clan, an historical biography (1939), and Our Fledgling Air Corps.


HRHS-133 Edna Shickel Collection. 1926, 1929

Contains commencement announcements from Dayton High School in 1926 and 1929.


HRHS-134 State Teachers College Collection. 1928, 1929

This collection contains miscellaneous items relating to State Teachers College in Harrisonburg, Virginia from 1928 to 1931.


HRHS-135 116th Infantry 29th Division Collection. 1917 - 1919

This collection contains a photograph and newspaper clippings relating to the 116th Infantry Band, along with a pamphlet about the 116th Infantry 29th Division.


HRHS-136 Valley Band Association Collection. 1910

This collection contains a booklet about the Valley Band Association published in 1910.


HRHS-137 Jack Phend Collection. 1873

This collection contains one letter written by John Blosser of Harrisonburg, VA dated Jan 29, 1873, and refers to the death of Robert E. Lee.


HRHS-138 Joseph Funk Man of Letters Collection. 1991

This collection consists of a draft copy of a publication titled Joseph Funk, Man of Letters by Gary McFarland Gloyd.


HRHS-139 Rockingham Co-op Farm Bureau Collection. 1953-1962

This collection consists of newsletters from the Rockingham Co-operative Farm Bureau, Inc. from January 1953 to June 1962.


HRHS-140 Switzer Collection. 1924 – 1966

This collection contains genealogical research on the Switzer, Roller, and Omohundro families. There is also a collection of WWII letters between Frank and his wife Mamie.


HRHS-141 Sheet Music Collection. 1895 - 1954

This is an artificial collection of sheet music. See included collection list.


HRHS-142 Reba Yancey Valentine Collection. 1881 - 1907

This collection consists of beautifully decorated valentines from the late 19th century through to the early 20th century. Also included is a Christmas card from this period.


HRHS-143 Turleytown Blockhouse Collection. 2013

This is a print of a water color painting of the Turleytown blockhouse by Martha Henderson.


HRHS-144 Pearl McMullen Autograph Book Collection. 1893 - 1894

This collection consists of autograph books which were used to collection autographs, poems, drawings and personal messages from friends.


HRHS-145 Jan Stover Miller Photo Collection. Early 1900's

A collection of photos taken in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County in the early 1900’s. Also includes two photos of a lumber camp in Stokesville.


HRHS-146 Sniteman Family Bible Record Collection. 1838 - 1890

This collection has genealogy information concerning the Henry Sniteman Family.


HRHS-147 10th Virginia Cavalry Valley Rangers Collection. 1907

This photograph shows the Valley Rangers at a reunion in 1907. Includes list of members.


HRHS-148 John Stewart Collection. 1775 - 1986

This is a collection of John Stewart’s papers, publications, slides and photos concerning local folklore, which includes frakturs, folk medicine, etc.


HRHS-149 Craun Family Papers Collection. 1785 - 1929

This collection contains the papers of four generations of the Craun family.


HRHS-150 Book Collection.

A list of books retained in the archives.


HRHS-150.1 Song Book Collection.

A list of song books retained in the archives.


HRHS-151 J. Robert Swank Collection. 1878 - 1973

This collection contains the genealogy books and family genealogy charts compiled by J. Robert Swank. Also included are the personal papers of the families of Singers Glen.


HRHS-152 Jacob Strickler Book Collection. 1743 - 1819

This is a collection of very old books that belonged to Jacob Strickler.


HRHS-153 United Confederate Veterans Collection. 1869 - 1935

This collection contains minutes and publications pertaining to the Confederate Veterans of the Civil War.


HRHS-154 Elmer U. Hoenshel Collection. 1909 - 1937

This is a collection of the books and publications by Elmer U. Hoenshel, D. D..


HRHS-155 Court House Records Collection. 1778 - 1899

This is a collection of handwritten court house records from 1778 to 1845. These records are from land books showing property ownership; tax books showing property taxes paid; and minute books of the court. The minute books were a record of court proceedings such as last will and testaments, criminal indictments, settlement of debt, etc. Also included in this collection are copies of Rockingham County marriage licenses and newspaper articles and obituaries.


HRHS-156 Almanac Collection. 1835 - 1978

This is an on-going artificial collection of almanacs.


HRHS-157 Frieden’s Church Collection. 1821 - 1869

This is a copy of records from Friedens Church which includes minutes, a list of baptisms, and list of persons receiving communion from 1821 to 1869.


HRHS-158 Michael Baker Store Account Book Collection. 1804 - 1825

This is a copy of the original account book that was used to complete the book Michael Baker Store Account Book, Brocks Gap, Rockingham County, Virginia.


HRHS-159 Harrisonburg/Rockingham County Connector Road Collection. 1995 - 2002

This collection has correspondence and studies relating to the connector road located in Rockingham County..


HRHS-160 Siever Family Genealogy Collection. 1802 - 1932

This collection consists of a genealogical chart for the Solomon Siever family of Rockingham County, and also a tin type of Silas Hottinger. The items belonged to Mary Virginia Siever Atherton, who is Margaret Bonney’s grandmother.


HRHS-161 Rev. Jacob Stirewalt Journal Collection. 1856 - 1863

This journal is a record of travel by Rev. Jacob Stirewalt from October 21, 1856 to May 12, 1863. This is part of collection 98.11.11.


HRHS-162 Harrisonburg City Schools Collection. 1883 - 1979

This is a collection of various documents that pertain to Harrisonburg City Schools.


HRHS-163 Massanutten Bank & Trust Collection. 1974

This collection contains documents pertaining to the formation of Massanutten Bank & Trust Company.


HRHS-164 Spitzer Family Valentine/Greeting Card Collection. 1906 - 1933

This collection of valentines and greeting cards belonged to the Grover Spitzer family of Broadway, VA. Grover and his wife Ethel Holsinger Spitzer had three daughters.


HRHS-165 William Campbell Family Collection. 1865 - 1983

This is a collection of a printer’s copy of a book written by Henry R. Campbell about the William Campbell family. Mr. Campbell also wrote a publication about the history of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Timberville, VA.


HRHS-166 Capt. John Dundore Papers Collection. 1804 - 1858

This collection contains receipts and other paperwork belonging to Capt. John Dundore.


HRHS-167 Hooke Family Papers Collection. 1785 - 1864

This collection contains documents pertaining to the Hooke family in Rockingham County.


HRHS-168 John G. Toepper Diary Collection. 1900 - 1917

This collection consists of four small diaries with leather covers written by John G. Toepper.


HRHS-169 Church Publications Collection. 1838 - 1983

This is an ongoing collection consisting of church and religion-based booklets.


HRHS-170 Rockingham County Fair Collection. 1980 - 2012

This contains brochures, booklets, posters etc.


HRHS-171 Higgs Funeral Home Collection. 1943 - 1950

This collection consists of a handwritten funeral register for Higgs Funeral Home from 1943 to 1950.


HRHS-172 Pennybacker Family Papers Collection. 1840 - 1938

This collection consists of correspondence, receipts and other paperwork related to the Pennybacker family of Linville, VA.


HRHS-173 Descendants of Johannes Ries/Reese Collection. 1990

This collection is a printer’s copy of a book titled Descendants of Johannes Ries/Reese by Helen J. Reese published in 1990.


HRHS-174 Voter Registration Book for Mt. Clinton Precinct. 1867 - 1900

This collection consists of a copy of a voter registration book titled List of White Voters Registered at Mount Clinton Precinct in Central Magisterial District, Rockingham County, Virginia.


HRHS-175 City of Harrisonburg/Rockingham County Collection. 1881 - 2011

This collection consists of publications, correspondence, programs, etc. relating to the City of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. The Rockingham portion of the collection consists of publications concerning the towns located within the county.


HRHS-176 Kirby S. “Tommy” Bassford Collectionn. 1940 - 1946

This is a collection of four of the five booklets by Kirby S. “Tommy” Bassford.


This is a collection of the historical books by Kirby S. “Tommy” Bassford

HRHS-177 Harrisonburg City Schools Class Pictures Collection. 1937 - 1968

This collection contains photographs of classes and school activities from the Main Street School, Anthony Seeger Campus School and Keister Elementary School from 1937 to 1968.


HRHS-178 Rockingham County Cemetery Collection. 1800's - 1987

This is a collection of index cards with information from cemeteries in SW Rockingham County.


HRHS-179 Rockingham Memorial Hospital Collection. 1919 - 1987

Rockingham Memorial Hospital opened in Harrisonburg, Virginia on October 1, 1912 and served a seven-county area.


HRHS-180 John W. Cline Collection. 1855 - 1925

This collection contains the papers of John W. Cline and his family.


HRHS-181 Henkel Family Records Collection. 1901-1939

This is a collection of publications concerning the Henckel/Henkel family by the Rev. Ammon Stapleton and the Henckel Family Association., Elon O. Henkel, Editor.


HRHS-182 Civil War Research Collection. 1861 - 2000

This collection contains the research for the publication titled Roster of Rockingham County Men Who Served in the Confederate Forces, 1861-1865, which was compiled in 1986 by J. Nelson Liskey and W. Cullen Sherwood.


HRHS-183 Valley Players Collection. 1962 - 1978

This collection was taken from two scrapbooks of the Valley Players. Each folder contains information on a play including a program, photographs and newspapers articles.


HRHS-184 Heath Family Papers Collection. 1884 - 1962

This collection includes papers from the donor’s family, which include items from her paternal great-grandparents, C. W. and Sallie McMullen Dove.


HRHS-185 African-American Oral History Collection. 2002

The publication titled 2002 African-American Oral History Program in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County is available in the genealogy library of the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society in Dayton, Virginia. This collection is the typed copies of the interviews used in the publication.


HRHS-186 Hon. John T. Harris Collection. 2002

This journal belonged to Congressman John T. Harris. The donor received it from Dr. Peyton Randolph Harris, the great-grandson of John T. Harris.


HRHS-187 Harrisonburg Turks Baseball Collection. 1964 - 1971

The Harrisonburg Turks baseball team traces its history to before World War II. The team was originally part of the Class C Virginia League.


HRHS-188 American Guild of Organists Collection. 1955 - 1998

The American Guild of Organists, or AGO, is a national organization of academic, church, and concert organists in the U.S., headquartered in The Interchurch Center in New York City. This is a ledger used by the Blue Ridge Chapter of Virginia.


HRHS-189 Exchange Club of Harrisonburg Collection. 1962 - 1985

This collection contains items from the Exchange Club of Harrisonburg.


HRHS-190 Research for Sipe Family Book Collection. 2009

This collection contains the research and source documents for the publication, The Ties That Bind, The Peter Sipe Family of Rockingham County, Virginia, 1680-2009, by Wayne E. Garber.


HRHS-191 Wharton Aldhizer & Weaver Collection. 1940 - 1968

Wharton, Aldhizer & Weaver (WAW) is a law firm that was founded in 1845 in Harrisonburg, Virginia by Congressman and state legislator John T. Harris.


HRHS-192 Phalen Family Papers Collection. 1915 - 1986

This collection consists of items belonging to Annie Phalen, James Phalen, John Phalen, and John Reamer.


HRHS-193 Frederick Anthony Rhodes Diary Collection. 1881

This collection contains a diary written by Frederick Anthony Rhodes in 1881.


HRHS-194 R. G. Reeves Construction Collection. 1985 & 1987

R. G. Reeves Construction Company is a general contractor specializing in single family residences and is located in Bridgewater, Virginia.


HRHS-195 Isaac David Byrd Collection. 1882 - 1928

This collection contains items from the Isaac David Byrd family and the Akirs family.





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Courthouse cornerstone.

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